Jun 23

Are You Missing Out On A Tax Advantage?

Posted into Gainesville

Did you know that if you rent a storage unit that you can possibly “write it off”? If you store business records or business equipment, this could be a viable tax advantage you’re missing out on.

Many of our clients have units filled with file cabinets full of records since it’s a requirement for businesses to keep 7 years of records for tax audit purposes. Why clutter up your home or work space with old documents when you could free up some valuable space?

34th Street Mini Storage is a modern storage facility completely equipped like those in a bigger city, but we’re the only one located in Gainesville. All 347 units are climate-controlled and feature the latest technology. From the fire sprinkler system, to the security cameras that enable our staff to see everything that goes on within the 50,000 square foot building, we’ve got your security covered.

Do you need 24 hour access to your documents? No problem, an upgraded package allows wiring and additional lighting to be brought into the units enabling tenants to access and view their records 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At 34th Street Mini Storage you’ll have security, unlimited access, climate-controlled space year around, fire protection, and automatic registration with our new 24/7 Kiosk, “Trudy.”

Best yet, the 34th street Storage units are close to UF and the center of town, while also being convenient to I75 at two different exits located at Williston and Archer Roads.

Check with you CPA for all details of tax benefit and then visit www.34thstreetministorage.com for more information.