Apr 12

A little help for the not-so-clean freaks

Posted into Organization

So it’s four months into the year, and you still haven’t gotten around to that deep clean you planned as new year. Don’t worry, we have all been there.

To be honest, I am a procrastinator myself; heck I even postpone procrastinating! So when it comes time to clean, I find a million and one things that need done instead of cleaning. Organizing ten years worth of iTunes downloads anyone? Don’t lie, you know the feeling. So what to do?

Today I don’t have a list of tips or a how-to explanation of cleaning, organizing or home storage but rather a recommendation that saves my life, and my home, from absolute chaos and clutter. It’s called a schedule. As simple and old-school as it sounds, how many people actually do it? Well, there’s your problem! You know you need one, yet you still don’t. So today is the day! Just grab a piece of paper and make it pretty enough, or not, to go up somewhere visible as a reminder. Stick to it and do the work.

When it comes down to it, there is no getting around this one. Cleaning your home is a chore and will always be. Sorry I had to break that one to you. But if you need the extra motivation, I have found a schedule is the only thing that gets me off the couch and in action. Knowing I have to accomplish something or I will be breaking my schedule that has been set in stone is that extra push I need.

I’m not saying it will necessarily work the same way for you, but what’s to lose?

Here is a sample schedule to get you started. This one is broken down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, for those who don’t want to go waist deep in one day.