Mar 26

DIY home organization

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I don’t know about you, but looking through my room, I notice 3 areas that are screaming for an extreme makeover: my make-up area, my jewelry corner and, the worst one, my closet.

So after doing nothing for what seems like the beginning of time, I have decided to do something about my mess. After all, putting on my make-up in the morning wouldn’t take so long if my eye shadow brush didn’t always go missing, and getting dressed wouldn’t be such a task if my favorite work skirt wasn’t always MIA.

Below are pictures of how I fixed these problems. I found these online and used them as models to follow. It is so easy and I now get ready in the morning in half the time I did before.

Jewelry organizer
You can make a simple jewelry organizer using a repurposed frame, some corkboard, fabric, really any materials that you wish to use. I used an old picture frame and a shower loofah instead of wire and it worked just the same.
Here’s a great tutorial from I Heart Organizing.

Make-up board
This one is just as cool and I found it at College Girl Living. It is a magnetic board in a frame. You then place magnets behind all your makeup, and violá! Your makeup is now hung up on the wall and super accessible every morning. It saves me tons of time! Trust me on this one.

Your Closet
Well, there is no way around this one. You have to go at it the old fashion way. Evaluate your closet and look around for ways to save space or use it more effectively. Then go out and buy hooks, shelves, etc. to build your new closet. It takes a bit of time and energy but it is definitely worth it when you know where every item of clothing is placed each morning. Sure your closet might not look like this one, but you can make the best of the resources you do have.