Jun 3

Packing 101

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So you’re moving out of your old place and into a new one. You might be storing your items for a short while or you might be packing and moving in right away, either way, boxes are piling up, and the thought of having to fit it all in your minivan is beyond overwhelming.

No need to worry! After many of years of experience with moving in and out of college apartments, I have a compiled a list of things to do to make sure packing goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1
Make it tight! The tighter you tape your boxes shut, the less dust and air that will get into them. This is particularly important if you are planning to store your items for a long period of time.

Tip #2
Convenience, convenience! Store your most-used items up front of your storage unit or in an accessible area wherever you are storing your belongings. It sure doesn’t seem that important when you are packing everything away thinking of of finally moving out. But a week later, or maybe even sooner, if you haven’t unpacked, trust me you are desperately going to need something in that box you stored at the bottom of the unit. It always happens! Pack accordingly.

Tip #3
Biggest to smallest ALWAYS. Store your less accessible items on big boxes and the more used items on smaller boxes. This way, you can store small boxes on top of big ones and still have access to your must-used items.

Tip #4
Again, accessibility is a must. Wherever you are storing your items, make sure there is walking space to access your belongings. It doesn’t seem as important when you are piling in the boxes as it does when you are ransacking through an entire storage unit looking for your hair straightener for a date.

Tip #5
Don’t be greedy! Over-packing is a very big problem in the American society. But for the purpose of storage, it is always better to under-pack your boxes. Get extra boxes if you need to, but don’t ever over-pack them because you run the risk of your items breaking, dropping an overly heavy box or having the box break altogether.

Tip #6
Safety first! Get rid of any gasoline or leftover oil from old engines (lawn mowers, scooters, etc.) It can be a real hassle but a bigger safety concern, so just do it.

Tip #7
Protection is always important. Cover your mattresses, couches or any other furniture or anything else left uncovered. Time really does deteriorate everything, so just be safe and cover anything you wish to keep intact.