Jun 29

Travel organization

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Hi all! I just got back from a 10-day long vacation to the east coast, and I’m not going to lie, the morning after returning was a bit overwhelming. Catching up on e-mails and bank statements, cleaning up the house, doing the laundry and putting everything back in place were a challenge. After stuffing two huge suitcases with everything I could possibly imagine needing while on vacation, the return was not so pleasant.

So after whining a little bit about it…OK I’ll admit it was more along the lines of “a lot,” I had to get to work. And boy, did I work. For some reason, it always seems like I have to unpack three times as much as I pack. It could be because I tend to buy everything and anything while I am on trips. I’m a huge souvenirs junkie.

Lucky for you, after I went through cleaning hell and back, I compiled a few tips for the readers who are planning to go on vacation this summer and don’t want to suffer through unmanageable hours of cleaning upon return. Trust me, leaving is sweet but returning will be your sorrow if you don’t follow these.

Avoid the mess from the start — the simplest tip, and the one I continue to have the most trouble with, is to avoid over-packing. Grab a piece of paper and map out every outfit you will need if you must. But don’t just toss every pair of pants and shirts in your closet so you “have more options.” You will regret it later! Besides, if you are traveling by air, a lighter luggage saves you effort and money.

Maintain the mission- sure you are on vacation, but a little organization goes a long way even then. Something as small as keeping your clothes folded in your suitcase during the entire trip will help tons when you get back. Also, keep a bag for your dirty laundry so it’s easy to toss right into the wash upon return.

Do not delay- the most important part is jumping right into it when you get back. Don’t leave your suitcase in a corner of the room waiting until you rack up enough energy to do the laundry and put everything back in place. It will never happen! Instead, as soon as you get back, or the next morning at the latest, get into the mood of getting things done and you will. It only takes starting and before you know it, you will be moved back into home, sweet, home the right way. And if you pick up a bunch of mementos from your adventures, check out a Gainesville self storage facility to keep your living space tidy.

Have fun traveling and as always happy organizing!