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Jun 7

Clear Your Clutter & Calm Your Mind

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Do you notice that inside your apartment or home that every closet is packed? Or is it reasonable to say that every nook and cranny in your residence has something in it?

This is the normal accumulation of “stuff”. Some are collectors of this stuff, and others just can’t pass up a sale or maybe an auction event.

With children we say, “they are growing and this sale is for next year’s school wardrobe?” Or better yet, “ I need to keep these clothes because I love them and I am going to lose weight!” Does that sound familiar?

Whatever your circumstance may be, the answer can be to rent a conditioned storage unit. We say conditioned because it is important that your belongings be at a temperature that is appropriate year around for the maintenance and well-being of these possessions.

When you have tax records or documents that you must store for 7 years, this is a perfect venue to get it out of the house and to some place safe and secure. These conditioned spaces are secure and come in different sizes. If you have a roommate or a close friend, one space can even be shared.

34th Street Mini Storage is secure with 24 hour access and is close and convenient to UF Campus. 34th Street Mini Storage offers clean, affordable heated/cooled units in various sizes with security cameras on the property with a kiosk for 24 hour assistance. Need carts or a hand truck? We have that covered too! Give us a call at (352) 358-4151 or stop by and visit us at 3447 SW 42nd Avenue.

May 18

DIY Bathroom Décor Tips

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Bathroom decoration can be a challenge for most of us, especially if we own an old place that hasn’t seen much attention over the years, but we can really make a difference if we put our minds to the task. The following tips will give you more information you can count on to make it happen without a hitch, starting with the first task you can deal with:

Shower curtain

There is a real difference between the looks of a designer shower curtain and the usual, basic white ones we often buy when we need something that gets the job done. If you want to achieve that same look for less money than usual, then you can pick a plain curtain and add the embellishments yourself, such as using ribbons, fabric glue and paint if you feel like it. You can even use the same type of technique to deal with bath towels as well.

Create your own towel bars

Using reclaimed materials around the bathroom is one great way to create a budget-friendly, yet great-looking bathroom solution. This will work especially well when you want to repurpose a number of items for bathroom use. Wood towel bars can be easily repurposed for this, using packing palettes and repurposing them for your needs to create a good, rustic look before you decide to let go of these items.

Creating art with found objects

Everyday objects can be appropriated around your bathroom if you can look at them through different eyes. You can make use of them in new ways, creating artistic solutions you may not have been able to see before. Before you move on to furniture clearance, waste clearance and the like, you would do well to double check the items you have available and see what you can do with them.

Create shelves with DIY solutions

Display shelving doesn’t really need to be all that expensive; in fact you can make all of this with a few easy craft store crates and a bit of paint to deal with things. Stacking the cabinets will allow you more storage space you can use, especially if the colors on the shelves can double as wall art. You would be surprised at the amount of options you can use when you’ve been through a junk disposal around your old home or you managed to find some second hand items.

Dressing the ceiling

If you want to make a new look for your bathroom, then you can change the ceiling into something far more interesting than it was before. Stenciling the ceiling will create an exciting new look for your surfaces without too much work involved in the process. Considering this is one of the most often ignored surfaces around your bathroom, you would do well to spruce things up a bit. This is one especially useful approach after a house clearance of your previous home, as you will have a chance to work on making your home look great.

Hiding the clutter using a sink skirt

If you have a lot of junk laying around your bathroom and you want to keep it, instead of dealing with junk removal, then you will need to find a way to keep it hidden. A sink skirt will get this done; hiding both the plumbing and what you need to hide. You can do this with a number of solutions, such as using a good fabric with a pattern, suzani, damask or ikat for example to create a visually stunning solution.

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Feb 3

Get your home ready for guests

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Come a family event and you are bound to have a few family and friends fly in to celebrate the season with you. Unless you have a large manor, chances are that you will short on space to fit everyone. While your guests will try to be as accommodating as they can be, you want to make sure that they don’t feel like an imposition or afterthought when they are over at your place. At the same time, if your home is normally cluttered, they might have to put up in cramped guestrooms, storage spaces and home offices, they can’t help but feel that way.

There is no reason to embitter the time with friends and family, so before your guests arrive, make sure you clean out your living space and move everything that you will not likely need during their stay into storage. If you don’t have space in your premises, choosing to store your property in self storage is a good way to ensure that your belongings are kept safe while you begin to give a few rooms in your house a makeover to prepare them for the people arriving.

Tips for creating space

Give them storage options

Your guests will probably have a few luggage, more if they have come prepared for a cold weather. So you will need to provide storage room for their belongings. This doesn’t mean that you empty your cash into buying new furniture. You can easily get a cheap deal online or at your local yard sales. It would also be a good idea to check with a storage facility if they are opening abandoned storage units and if there are any furniture for sale.

Increase storage space

Any furniture you choose, for your guest room or otherwise, should try to occupy as little space as possible while fulfilling the purpose you bought it for. So opt for folding beds, folding study tables, coffee tables and book shelves that save on space within the house. You can buy extra furniture for cheap depending on how many guests you are expecting, and then store them in a self storage unit until you need them again.

Add warmth to the room

A plain room with few furniture will not make your guests feel at home, so make sure you add some bath and bed linen, curtains, scented candles, magazines, books and a few art pieces to give the room a nice look.

Clean guestrooms

If your guests are staying for more than one or two days, make sure that you arrange for their rooms to be cleaned regularly, especially the bathroom. Change their sheets and towels once in a while, replenish their bathroom supplies of toilet paper and hand washing liquid and place a room freshener in their room. Add a few flowers to brighten up the décor every few days. They will also need to do their laundry if they are staying for long, so make sure they have access to laundry detergents and the washing machine when they need it.

When your guests leave, move the extra furniture that is in the guestrooms to the self storage room and bring back your former belongings. These storage facilities are available in a variety of sizes and at very affordable rates, so you can use them not only to store your guest furniture but any other thing that you cannot find a place for in your home.

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Dec 3

Coffee and Tea-bowing

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Jayme Brockman of the Bay Islands Coffee Co. in Butler Plaza was the first storage customer to take us up on our Tebowing challenge. Here he displays his support for Tim Tebow and the GatorNation, as well as his support for us giving him 25% off this month’s rent for tebowing in front of 34th Street Mini Storage. So be sure to stop in at Bay Island to get juiced up before you rush to Butler Plaza to score those Christmas presents. And look for one of us Tebowing on 34th Street, stop in and get your picture taken, and you could score a discount too.

Oct 17

You know what's really scary?

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You know what’s really scary? Going up in the attic to put those Halloween decorations away and drag all that Christmas stuff out. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies, and believe me…NOTHING good ever happens in the attic.

There’s the creaky pull down ladder, roofing nails sticking out of the ceiling to impale your skull like some iron maiden, those gremlins cackling as they tie knots in the light strings you put away so neatly…it makes my skin crawl. Or maybe that’s just the itchy insulation, I don’t know.

But I do know two things…

1. It’s a lot easier and safer to get a clean, indoor, easy to get to storage unit for all that stuff, like 34th Street Mini Storage. We even have a service that comes in and sprays for ghosts once a month. So you won’t lie awake at night worrying about it, instead you’ll rest in peace.

2. I shouldn’t have fed those gremlins after midnight.

Sep 20

Why use 34th Street Mini Storage?

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Gone are the days when storage units meant a dark creepy cell inside a barbed wire fence. Welcome to the future with 34th Street Mini Storage. Often mistaken for an office building, 34th Street Mini Storage is a four-story building with conditioned space and huge elevators designed to make ‘grabbing something from your storage’ a pleasant experience instead of a dreaded nightmare. There is even terrific lighting in all common areas. For an extra charge you can have your unit wired for lighting with your own switch.

By conditioned space we mean it is comfortable year around; nice and cool in the summer and very comfortable in the winter months. Your valuables will have stable temperature and humidity to ensure they remain valuable. Oh and yes, we have a sprinkler system which only recently is a requirement of the building code for fire protection. We have it all!

34th Street Mini Storage offers not only these new-age features but the greatest convenience of any storage company in Gainesville. You don’t have to wait until business hours to access the units. Find out for yourself! 34th Street Mini storage is open and accessible 24/7 and has live security cameras at every entrance and exit. These 12 cameras record all activity in the common areas of the building. Is safety and security important to most of our customers? 100% of them have responded yes to this very question.

Finding time to rent and getting access to your unit between 9 to 5 is difficult when you have to work, so we make it easy with 24 hour access and the ability to reserve a unit and pay online. You can complete the whole process of viewing and renting a unit at 34th Street Mini storage by phone or your mobile phone or computer. Look at our unit sizes and prices, sign up and bring your stuff! We will leave the light on for you!

Sep 8

Ways to get to know your neighbors in an apartment community

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As you get acquaintance with your new home and get to unpack enough boxes to be able to see the floor of your new apartment, you might be wondering who lives next door. Many people move into apartment communities seeking for that community feel but find that it takes a lot more effort than expected.

It is difficult enough to meet people at school or work, but when you go home, people are not just walking around ready to say hi and strike a conversation. Or are they? Often people panic about how to go about meeting their neighbors and fellow community residents, but this may be easier than you think, especially if you live in a student community.

My recommendations are to just be as social as possible and be open to those around you. Don’t shelter yourself to your apartment, attend community events. They are way more fun than you may imagine! And tons of residents attend these, even more if there is free food involved. My community hosts lots of free events every month, and they even hold basketball tournaments where people can sign up to participate. The people that attend these are always extremely friendly and willing to meet everyone else there. It’s always the toughest to go up to them and introduce yourself, but once you do so, you may find they are in the exact situation as you. Don’t be afraid, if people didn’t want to talk to you, why would they be in a public social event?

But meeting people does not always happen in organized events. In the elevator, lobby, pool, there are always tons of people that are most likely in your same boat. You never know, odds are that person in the elevator might be your neighbor. Get to know as many people as you can, in all kinds of places.

In my own personal experience, the best way to meet people is going for walks around the complex. I have met tons of fellow students in my complex while taking a walk around the community. Some will come up to you to say hi, and other will strike up a conversation right away. And I have found that the people I need serve as great study buddies and fun mates when no one else is around. Who better than your own neighbor who lives right next door to invite to the pool when you desperately need a tan and none of your other friends want to make the drive? They will always be around, so get to know them; you have nothing to lose!

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Jul 29

Apartment finding 101

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It’s that time of the year again. Crunch time to find the right apartment before your current lease ends. And while a new place has plenty of excitement in store for the future, choosing the right one can be quite frustrating once you dive head first into the search.

With plenty of apartment leasing in several different cities under my belt, I have come up with an extensive list of qualities to look for in your new apartment lease.

Safety first! Does your complex look safe at first glance? If it doesn’t, skip out of there quick. If it does, still go online and find the police reports for the area. You might be surprise that a place that looks relatively safe may have several break-ins booked for the past month. If this is the case, continue looking elsewhere.

First impression is a must. When you first visit the complex, look closely at the relationship between the management staff. If you are not treated courteously when they want to get your business, what is there to expect after they already do. A well-trained, serviceable staff will become imperative when you have a leaking faucet or a broken toilet.

Ask about maintenance. How many workers do they have on staff for how many units? While at first you may be attracted to the beauty of the place, maintenance will become a must for a good living. Also ask about the process of requesting their help and the time expectancy for a problem to be fixed. If the answers are not clear and seem sketchy, the help you get will be too.

Ask to see the actual unit you will be staying in or a similar one. Many places only show models, and in this case, you are out of luck. But what many people don’t know is that these places often have designated units to show a prospective tenant if they are asked to. Although it is not preferable for the leasing agent, it is important for you as the model often looks nothing like the actual thing.

If the apartment is all inclusive, ask about potential caps. What places don’t often tell you is that although utilities might be included in the rent, there is a spending limit in place. Once you reach this limit, the tenant is responsible for the remaining costs.

If allowed to see the actual unit, be very observant of details. Check that the water pressure works fine and that all locks are sturdy and working correctly. Also, make sure all appliances are working and look around to spot any potential water damage or leaks. Presentation might be impressive, so you must look beyond that to the aspects that are truly important.

Check for any bug trails or any other evidence of insects or rats. This is important outside as well as inside. In the actual apartment, look inside the cabinets and under the sink. Outside, look for trails or anything leading to potential need for extermination services.

*Finally, don’t feel pressure to quickly run through your inspection. You will be paying valuable money for the place, so take your time and don’t rush.

Now take these tips and go out there to find your future home. Happy hunting!

Jul 15

Dorm Room Organization 101

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It’s getting close to that time of year again, and whether you are a college freshmen or a worried parent staying home, you want to keep that dorm room neat—probably for different reasons. It’s a common concern, dealing with so many belongings in so little space. Just be thankful you didn’t get a temporary triple. If you did, I send my condolences.

I still remember my dorm room days like it was just yesterday. And yes, I was one of the unlucky ones to get stuck in one of those dreaded temporary triples—three people in the already small enough space for two. With that said, organization was not easy. Fortunately, I learnt to deal with the space I had once my “temporary” triple became more permanent than a Sharpie marker.

  • First of all, forget about bringing everything with you. Pack light and live light. There is no space for that oversized stuffed animal, bean bag chair or bookshelf. Being able to determine what you absolutely need and what you must leave behind is key in this big move.
  • Talk to your roommates first and figure out what everyone else is bringing. There is no need for 3 trashcans in the room. Also figure out what is already provided for you so you don’t bring extras.
  • Dorm-type items are your friends. Anything with extra drawers in unexpected places is a plus! Hanging organizers are the best thing ever invented in this case. Trust me, they will save your life during your college years.
  • Make good use of the space up top. Remember, the floor is not the only place to have furniture. If you can buy a shelf that sticks to the wall or something that can hang from your bed or closet, get it! My roommate had a shower caddy that clipped to her bunk bed. Something like that saves you more space than you can understand before you see for yourself.
  • Buy a travel-savvy laundry bag/basket. By that I mean something that can be zipped up and carried so that you can easily take it with you. You may not have a laundry facility as close as you think. It could be in the same floor or five floors down without access to an elevator. Be smart and think ahead! Besides, you will probably want to take it home with you on the weekends for mom to spoil you, and parking is scarce on campus. Your car might and probably will be a far walk away.
  • Get mini fridge…point, blank, period. You may have a meal plan, but the dining hall only stays open on certain hours and closes during holidays. Other options on campus have the same problem, and unlike you want to starve on Martin Luther King day, storing easy-to-make foods and water in your room is a must.
  • If you have food, you will need the necessary items to access them. Make sure to bring a can opener, a couple of plates, cups and utensils with you.

Happy dorm room living ahead! And I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Jun 29

Travel organization

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Hi all! I just got back from a 10-day long vacation to the east coast, and I’m not going to lie, the morning after returning was a bit overwhelming. Catching up on e-mails and bank statements, cleaning up the house, doing the laundry and putting everything back in place were a challenge. After stuffing two huge suitcases with everything I could possibly imagine needing while on vacation, the return was not so pleasant.

So after whining a little bit about it…OK I’ll admit it was more along the lines of “a lot,” I had to get to work. And boy, did I work. For some reason, it always seems like I have to unpack three times as much as I pack. It could be because I tend to buy everything and anything while I am on trips. I’m a huge souvenirs junkie.

Lucky for you, after I went through cleaning hell and back, I compiled a few tips for the readers who are planning to go on vacation this summer and don’t want to suffer through unmanageable hours of cleaning upon return. Trust me, leaving is sweet but returning will be your sorrow if you don’t follow these.

Avoid the mess from the start — the simplest tip, and the one I continue to have the most trouble with, is to avoid over-packing. Grab a piece of paper and map out every outfit you will need if you must. But don’t just toss every pair of pants and shirts in your closet so you “have more options.” You will regret it later! Besides, if you are traveling by air, a lighter luggage saves you effort and money.

Maintain the mission- sure you are on vacation, but a little organization goes a long way even then. Something as small as keeping your clothes folded in your suitcase during the entire trip will help tons when you get back. Also, keep a bag for your dirty laundry so it’s easy to toss right into the wash upon return.

Do not delay- the most important part is jumping right into it when you get back. Don’t leave your suitcase in a corner of the room waiting until you rack up enough energy to do the laundry and put everything back in place. It will never happen! Instead, as soon as you get back, or the next morning at the latest, get into the mood of getting things done and you will. It only takes starting and before you know it, you will be moved back into home, sweet, home the right way. And if you pick up a bunch of mementos from your adventures, check out a Gainesville self storage facility to keep your living space tidy.

Have fun traveling and as always happy organizing!