Jun 7

Clear Your Clutter & Calm Your Mind

Posted into Apartments, Why storage?

Do you notice that inside your apartment or home that every closet is packed? Or is it reasonable to say that every nook and cranny in your residence has something in it?

This is the normal accumulation of “stuff”. Some are collectors of this stuff, and others just can’t pass up a sale or maybe an auction event.

With children we say, “they are growing and this sale is for next year’s school wardrobe?” Or better yet, “ I need to keep these clothes because I love them and I am going to lose weight!” Does that sound familiar?

Whatever your circumstance may be, the answer can be to rent a conditioned storage unit. We say conditioned because it is important that your belongings be at a temperature that is appropriate year around for the maintenance and well-being of these possessions.

When you have tax records or documents that you must store for 7 years, this is a perfect venue to get it out of the house and to some place safe and secure. These conditioned spaces are secure and come in different sizes. If you have a roommate or a close friend, one space can even be shared.

34th Street Mini Storage is secure with 24 hour access and is close and convenient to UF Campus. 34th Street Mini Storage offers clean, affordable heated/cooled units in various sizes with security cameras on the property with a kiosk for 24 hour assistance. Need carts or a hand truck? We have that covered too! Give us a call at (352) 358-4151 or stop by and visit us at 3447 SW 42nd Avenue.