Feb 12

Decorating with wooden accents

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We’re all getting pretty tired of winter at this point (are we in Florida still?), but there are some parts of the season that we’re not sick of, including decorating with wooden materials. We love the look of wood grain in our home, and we’re quite enamored with the idea of using it in unexpected ways. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with this earthy material.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Dish up some natural texture with these Wind and Willow Home bowls. They’re made for holding salad, but we can see them holding all sorts of trinkets!

2. These coat stands are made with three poles with branch-like pieces at the top that connect them. They are part of a collection of wooden furniture designed by Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto and use traditional shipbuilding techniques.

3. Make your tea lights look extra special with these tree branch candle holders. They’re handmade and will bring some outdoors into your home.

4. If you really want to invest in a beautiful wooden piece for your home, we suggest a well-made wooden chair with great lines. This one is from a Norwegian magazine.

Clockwise from top left:

1. This wooden hanging light by Iumi Design is so lovely. The laser-cut slats of wood create a cool pattern on the walls, and we love that you get to assemble it yourself (we’re suckers for DIY projects).

2. OK, we obviously have a thing for indoor plants (check out our post on them). This little geometric, hand-painted wooden planter by FlaneursPocket will add some color and whimsy to your space.

3. We swooned when we saw this cluster of pendant lights with purposeful cracks in it. Korean designer Kwon Jae Min made this fixture, and we think it’s a piece of art.

4. This rustic wooden end table will add some camping charm to your space. Doesn’t it make you want to cozy up with a plaid blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa? We’ll be over in five.