Aug 22

Holiday Décor Storage Solution

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School is back in session and for me that means the holidays are upon us in quick succession. With the beginning of October right around the corner, many will be putting away the summer wreaths and garden flags in exchange for festive fall decorations and Halloween décor. Soon thereafter will be all the decorations for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

In my home, storage space is at a premium and the thought of trying to get just a couple of items out of the holiday closet & cabinet requires me to unload everything just to get at the one or two beloved pieces I am looking for. So, what do I end up doing most of the time…disappointing my children and not bothering to seek out their favorite, fun decorations because the thought of a making a huge mess is just too overwhelming. What’s the point of having all of these beautiful keepsakes if they’re always hidden?

Last year, while packing Halloween decorations away in their color-coded orange and black bins, it occurred to me that maybe I should consider a storage unit. I did nothing at the time, but as I was packing away the Christmas decorations in their red and green plastic bins, and dreading trying to find a place to store the bins, I decided it was time for a change.

I took the plunge and decided to rent a small storage unit and I am really happy with my decision. I am currently looking forward to walking into my climate-controlled unit and easily grabbing the bins that I need next month. No more fumbling around pulling everything out looking for the appropriate decorations because the color coded bins make it a cinch! Not to mention I love having the extra closet and cabinet space in my home available for other uses.

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What could you do with additional space in your home?