Jan 16

Storage for a growing family

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I was reading a post over at Adore Your Place a few weeks ago (you can read that post here) about playroom storage and design for kids. It got me thinking about my nieces. When my first niece was born, we showered her with gifts. She had every toy imaginable. She also got so much clothing she didn’t even get to wear some of it, which is a shame because it was all adorable.

The truth is, babies grow fast. And because they grow fast, they also outgrow things fast. And that means there’s a lot of stuff to either store or get rid of when they outgrow it. A lot. By the time my niece was 1, the attic at my brother’s house was brimming with clothes, toys, small furniture, bottles, blankets, and everything else she no longer needed.

My brother and his wife were planning on having another baby in the next few years, and they didn’t want to get rid of all of these barely used things, but their attic was absolutely full (they did store other things in there, too). The items were also getting a little wear and tear being up in the attic. It was hot and humid and not the best place to store everything.

The solution became apparent as my brother tried to fit a few more boxes up there one day: They needed a better storage solution. So my sister-in-law and I packed several giant plastic storage bins (more than I think either of us would like to admit to) and we brought it all over to 34th Street Mini Storage. It’s air conditioned and secure, and when my second niece finally did come around, she had all sorts of brand new things to wear and play with.

Anyways, my point is this: Sometimes you need to make room for the things you’re currently using, but you don’t want to throw away the nice things you already have. They can be used again. And with the extra stuff in storage, there’s much more room to play!