Jan 24

Tips for bringing greenery into your space

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One way to make your living space feel more cozy and natural is to add plants in your decorating. They also keep your air clean and actually have been shown to provide several health benefits.

Decorating with them can be easy, but it’s important to know where to start. This list of houseplants by Wit & Whistle is really great because it includes almost all of the easy-to-care-for and happy-inside plants.

Here are a few additional tips and ideas I’ve picked up over the years:

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Get creative with how you plant your greenery! This Babylon Light is the perfect example: It’s a plantable light fixture with lots of personality.

2. Fiddle-leaf figs are great indoor plants. They love a sunny window, only need to be watered when their soil is completely dry, and have big, lush leaves to bring some color into your rooms.

3. If you’re looking for something to put on a tabletop or a counter, consider planting succulents and cacti in a wide bowl or a terrarium. These are another type of plant you can pretty much ignore most of the time, since they need very little water. The do like sunlight, so try to put them in a bright place.

4. The folks over at Apartment Therapy put together a really great post on how to garden when you don’t have a garden. There are a lot of patio and balcony ideas for when space is limited.

5. Potted plants look great in groups, and you can add height and visual interest by putting them on a tiered plant stand.

6. These modular succulent planters are visually interesting and can be arranged in several different ways. You can make this with this tutorial on Manda Townsend‘s blog.

7. Another great DIY planter project is this one from Pepper Design Blog. I love the brightly colored hexagons.

8. This grouping from La Maison ‘Anna G looks great on a bench right under the wall. Planting everything in white pots makes your collection look more uniform and put together.

9. If you like the look of a hanging planter from Woollypocket but can’t hang things from your ceiling, this wall planter is a great idea. It’s especially great if you have limited surface and floor space.